Dahlonega Travel

Wish You Were Here

April 2, 2013 mpruden 0

On a recent trip to the North Georgia wine country for a friend’s nuptials, I had the pleasure to spend one crazy night in our […]

Lagos Nigeria Travel

The Kingdom of Spam-a-Lot

March 13, 2013 mpruden 0

I must admit…in all my dreams about future wanderings, I’ve never thought of Lagos, Nigeria as a prospective vacation destination. Kenya? Maybe. Botswana? Sure. South […]

Liverpool Game Baltimore

You’ll Never Walk Alone

September 27, 2012 mpruden 0

I’ve often thought of writing a series of travel books called, “Have Kid. Will Travel.” Why? I’m glad you asked. While I wouldn’t necessarily call […]

Key West Travel

Viva La Revolution!

August 28, 2011 mpruden 0

As I sit here on my flight home from Key West reflecting on this weekend’s bachelorette party debauchery, it occurs to me I probably should […]

Key West Travel Humor

Rally Juice

August 25, 2011 mpruden 0

I recently returned (and only a little worse for wear) from a rather debaucherous trip to Key West for my cousin Melanie’s bachelorette party. I’ve […]