About Me

I’m an Atlanta native, ravenous technophile, social media fanatic, word nerd, finicky foodie, landlocked surfer and scuba diver, and an avid traveler raising a cheeky, soccer playing teenage son.

When not busy acquiescing to my wanderlust, chauffeuring my son to games or appeasing my gluttonous appetite (for food and for life), I enjoy getting paid for being myself — a rebel raconteur.

I’ve been an integral member of the editorial launch teams for several magazine startups and have been published hundreds of times as a feature journalist with specific expertise in lifestyle and popular culture. I’ve also been part of numerous award-winning publishing and marketing teams and was named one of Atlanta’s top creatives by CommonCreativ Magazine.

This blog is the repository for my writing alter ego.


Oh, and be patient as I rebuild this site. Lost some stuff in the migration and trying to recover it all.

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